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No more confusion attempting to repair your sprinklers or wasted money with ill-qualified repairmen.

Irrigation repairs & estimates

Items that require immediate attention in order to prevent damage or loss of plant material. Proposal or repair for correction of basic operational failures such as inoperative timers, inoperative valves, broken mainline pipes, and any other item that would prevent water from reaching plant material as would normally be expected of the irrigation system.

system Mapping and Appraisal

System appraisal includes operation of each zone

  • providing an inventory of the system components
  • Identifying specific broken equipment
  • Identifying cost effective sprinkler improvements
  • Irrigation weather based controller recommendation
  • Management programming recommendations
  • Creating a color coded map of the irrigation zones
System Tune-Up

Irrigation system inspection is the technique of visually inspecting each sprinkler head during operation to verify proper operation and allows for repair or adjustment of equipment in need. System checks should be completed 3 to 4 times per irrigation season, which is March through October.

System Up-Grades

Corrective recommendations for coverage deficiencies as well as water conservation efforts. Coverage deficiencies are the result of poor distribution uniformity, which causes poor aesthetics and excessively high water bills. These deficiencies are created when one area of a specific control zone receives less water in a given amount of time than other areas within the same control zone. Example: there is a brown spot amidst a lush green grass area and all internal and external factors have been ruled out as the cause. Generally, more time will be programmed on the timer to provide extra water to the dry area that may only represent 5% of the control zone. Consequently, it becomes apparent that large amounts of water are then wasted since we must over-water 95% of the area to keep the 5% green. Often, we also encounter situations where muddy areas result from trying to keep a small dry area green. The solution is to simply modify the sprinkler system to correct the uniformity deficiency, saving water and improving aesthetics.