Frequently Asked Questions

We happily answer lots of questions daily, and here are some of those most frequently asked of us:

What makes Del Conte's Landscaping different from any other landscaping firm?

In a very few words, “longevity and experience.” While we are a larger firm than many, that doesn’t affect the personal ways we treat each project, but our size, efficiency and buying power can help with project economies and completion schedules.

How long has Del Conte's Landscaping been in business?

More than four decades! We were founded in 1972.

I want my landscaping to conserve water. Are you folks good at that?

Not only good at it, we designed an App named “Sprinkler Times” that controls water use, based on the specific climate and soil conditions in the area it is used. That little app is so good, some savvy municipalities are recommending and even giving it away to their customers. We know the right plants, the right irrigation systems and the right controllers to make water conservation happen … beautifully.

Can you create landscapes using native plant material?

Most certainly. Native plants are a wise choice¬as well as a beautiful one¬because they naturally thrive in the Northern California landscape. And not only do we have expertise with native plants, we also know which non-natives are compatible and often mix these in for some drought-resistant diversity. With such a large plant “palate,” we’re able to design very nice landscapes that function well in this region of California.

Do you do all sorts of landscaping, such as walls, paving, decks, gazebos, arbors, and that sort of thing?

Absolutely, take a look at our showcase to see the full range of projects we have done.

Are you able to do hardscapes?

“Yes. We have individuals on staff that are considered artisans in the area of hardscape.”

What size landscaping projects do you consider taking on?

There is no absolute size requirement, but some projects may be so small that we can recommend alternate approaches. One thing is for sure: It will cost you nothing and little time to call us to discuss your project, or simply use our get an estimate link here at this website.

How do you communicate with your customers?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to unparalleled communication with our clients. We’ve developed processes to facilitate good communication, using both a checklist to keep track of issues and a system to make sure we’re communicating the right things.

Does every job have a foreman?

Yes. For every project, there’s a dedicated foreman that’s on the job site the entire day.

Will your employees be safe and respectful of my property?

Absolutely. Because of their longevity with the company, we can vouch for our employees’ conduct. All of our employees wear company uniforms for easy identification. They never access areas of a client’s home that aren’t within the scope of the job. People often tell us how impressed they were by the way their property was maintained during the construction process and how our workers cleaned up and kept things neat and tidy. In addition, clients often express their gratitude for the level of respect our employees demonstrate while on the job.

Are you an equal-opportunity employer?

Absolutely! We are so very proud of that, and how we provide excellent training and advancement for the fine people who work here.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the entire San Francisco Bay area including most of Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties. Some areas may be too distant for efficiency, so check with us and we will advise you if that’s the case.

How large is your firm?

We have over 100 employees and we also have a separate organic recycling company & compost producer in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, Vision Recycling that has more employees, still.

How much will my landscaping project cost?

Since every project is custom, pricing will be based on your unique project. The very best way to quickly answer this question is to click here right now for an estimate. To first learn more about our process of designing and building your project, click here.

I saw a bad review about you on Yelp.com. How do you respond to that?

While we are not a fan of Yelp.com, it does serve a purpose by having folks like you ask questions like this one. Some negative comments on Yelp.com alerted us for the first time of that person’s feelings, and we followed up with them. There are great comments about us there as well, and we could not have remained in business and grown for more than four decades, had we not been totally dedicated to pleasing our clients – and that culture is still the guiding principle today.  

What if I have a question not covered here?

We welcome your asking it, by contacting us today. Who knows, your question might make it to this FAQ page and help others who have the same question.