About Us

About Us

Del Conte’s Landscaping is an award winning landscape contracting firm that has been serving The Bay Area for over 42 years. We specialize in high-quality landscape design, expert landscape maintenance care and water management through our specialized irrigation department. Del Conte’s designs and builds just about anything outdoors including: patios, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and sophisticated gardens. Our award winning team of landscape designers, construction managers and experience craftsmen are all focused on delivering the highest level of professionalism throughout the process. We also team up with professional partners to design outdoor lighting, pools, garden furnishings and accessories.

Tom Del Conte

Tom Del Conte founded Del Conte’s Landscaping in 1972, taking on small projects to put himself through college. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from Cal State Hayward 1978, and he has years experience as a Compost Facilities Operator, a green waste recycler, and a Certified Landscape Professional.

After getting a business administration degree, he realized he was happiest when working outdoors. But that business administration degree came in handy, he says – his company now tackles a wide range of projects and has more than 100 employees. “Employee training is absolutely crucial,” says Mr. Del Conte, so his staff undergoes training in new products, techniques and practices on a regular basis.

Del Conte’s Landscaping also has extensive experience with irrigation, which is especially important in locations where dry summers are normal. “A computer-controlled irrigation system can save up to 60 percent on water consumption,” says Mr. Del Conte, and even though such systems were previously only used for large applications like golf courses, he’s found a way to make them affordable for homeowners’ associations and business parks.

In 1993, Tom founded Vision Recycling, a separate organic recycling company & compost producer in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas that provides mobile grinding services, turn-key operations, hauling capabilities and solutions for recycling challenges, taking organic material (Green Waste, Yard Trimmings & Food Scraps) and transforming the finished product into Compost, Wood Chips, Mulch and Soil Amendments while valuing a localized approach to green waste recycling, minimizing trucks on the road and keeping the material in the soils from which they came. Vision Recycling processes close to 200,000 tons of feedstock annually.

Tom has participated in public speaking engagements for recycled organics, irrigation water conservation, and Green Business concepts. Tom has consulted with the Alameda County Stop Waste agency for Green Business program development. He is fanatical about organizational and procedural details and training programs. As the leader of the organization this has stability implications as evidenced by over four decades of business success.

Company Philosophy:

“We strive to do the right thing for every client, and if we make a mistake, we own it and fix it. We also stay on the leading edge of the industry’s methods, products and equipment. We’re often the first in the area to adopt new practices and technology, from wearing uniforms to using computer technology for irrigation projects.”