Get Certified backflow testing and repair services

Backflow devices are large components typically on main water lines of all irrigation systems and on all commercial industrial and multi-dwelling properties. They are designed to prevent water from reversing itself and returning to the city main lines once the water has entered the private property water lines.

Prevent Backflow

Backflow devices are installed so the city can ensure no private line water contaminant can return to the main water line structure. Water could, without backflow prevention, be drawn backwards within the water pipes in the event a fire truck rapidly draws water from the hydrant causing a vacuum within the pipes.

Local water departments, cities and the state, in an effort to insure adequate protection against this back siphonage and the water supply, mandates the annual inspection of all backflows by a state certified backflow inspector.

Del Conte's Landscaping has multiple personnel who are state certified for backflow testing and repair. Our technicians go the extra mile and apply a few simple extra steps and techniques in an effort to get our tested backflows passed the first time. If a backflow for some reason does not pass, you can be assured it will be handled in a cost-effective manner with a level of professionalism to minimize any interruptions to your facilities and with dependable timeliness.

Our AWWA Certified Backflow testers:

To assist in preventing theft or vandalism & tampering from unauthorized users, we have installed the following security devises. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about either device.