Sprinkler Times

Barriers to Proper Irrigation Management
  • Complexity of using science to develop run times
  • Two day water management course to learn the math behind the factors
  • A Water Audit requires over an hour of catch can tests and calculations for each month
  • Sprinkler Times takes 2 minutes
  • Competitive bidding makes proper water management non-competitive
  • No easy way to fine-tune the water audits
  • Monthly weather changes are difficult to administer
  • There are very few irrigation concepts taught in Spanish

This system was presented as a white paper at the International Irrigation Conference and was the backbone of an irrigation App and online program DCL created and now used nationwide to calculate irrigation run times for the public, called Sprinkler Times; it is also available online at



How Are You Equipped To Answer These Challenges?

  • Instantly add 25 years of experience to your team with this tool
  • DCL has used this computer technology for 25 years
  • Consistently demonstrates 20-40% savings
  • Designed for landscape contractors by landscape contractors

-Battlefield tested

-Plug & Play

  • Arm every account manager with an easy to use water auditor tool
  • Easy to use interface to support a very quick learning curve
  • Use your own computer
  • Show your customers you have high tech water solutions